Books Create Waves: Little Island has had a (little) makeover

Books Create Waves: Little Island has had a (little) makeover

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Dear friends and readers

It’s been over a decade since Little Island first rose up out of the depths to appear on the horizon. A lot has changed since then, on the island and in the world, and so the island-dwellers started to feel that they needed a little change.

So we’ve been working away with two excellent and experienced publishing heads on working out what Little Island’s place in the publishing archipelago should be, and how we should look, and how we can express our ethos as an independent publisher of quality books for young readers.

John Simmons is a highly experienced brand identity consultant who has worked internationally with companies of many kinds, and in the world of books with Waterstone’s, Routledge and Barrington Stoke. John listened to us talk about Little Island and our ethos and mission, and he listened to some authors and other people that care about Little Island, and after doing a lot of listening and thinking, he came up with our brand new company slogan:

“Books create waves”

We love this phrase because it expresses our commitment to publishing powerful books that cause a splash, move young readers, and stir the sea within.

We also spoke a lot to a terrific design consultant named David Carroll, formerly of Faber & Faber, who has also designed for Waterstone’s, Palgrave Macmillan and Pearson. David understood that we were quite attached to our logo, but he helped us see that a slightly adjusted, more refined version would better suit the digital environments which are so important these days, as well as appealing to a wide age-range of young readers, including teens as well as toddlers and everyone in-between.

We hope you like it!

With wavey best wishes
The Little Islanders

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